school is still slaying me but i’ll have you know that this contemporary world issues class is chipping away at my faith in america’s youth bit by bit and that it has been a wild ride and we’re not even a month in.


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                  Times of idleness were blessings from above.

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       pay attention to me.

Gonna try to get some replies done while I’m here but I’m falling asleep on the keyboard.

Gonna try to get some replies done while I’m here but I’m falling asleep on the keyboard.

       ”But if I put on Elvis, is somebody gonna dance with me.”

As you can see my presence here is going to be spotty on weekdays I apologize!


       ”I'm afraid that I don't know much of local customs.” This was the first time that he had gone past France into central Europe, and he was more than a bit nervous. Alfred picked up on languages rather quickly, but there were so many local dialects that he would gain a handle on a handful of conversational phrases just in time for them to become useless to him as he moved on to the next region. His German was… passable; there were people in his nation who spoke it, and it was close enough to English, in his mind, for him to be able to converse in it without too much trouble, but he missed a word here and there, and that made him nervous, especially when the conversations were political in nature. A mistranslation could prove bothersome down the road.

       While he was welcome to remain in one place for an extended period of time, he was taking several hours of his day to explore the city and to soak up as much of the vernacular as possible in hopes that it would help him in the coming discussions. However, he was wary of offending people; his politicians had urged him to be diplomatic, and that had made him paranoid. What if he misspoke, or made a gesture that meant one thing in his country but was considered offensive here?

       ”Would you tell me a bit about where you live, please? If you have the time. We could— we could go for a walk?”